Silent Speed: Butoh

Since this blog was started primarily to document the time I have stolen to make time for myself and explore simply being myself once more, Bert’s invitation to go to a Butoh class was a really apt one. Butoh, after all, required its practitioners to takeee theirrr timeee, as it were, at a sort of… silent speed (* Syv’s word). Through stretching time, (think taking 5 minutes to open and close your mouth), people become aware – of their bodies, themselves, their surroundings; and let go of one’s consciousness and other sources of stress and distraction. God knows I needed that.

And so Bert, Kai and I attended a Butoh class at The Substation last night which transported us to another universe which was within ourselves.

Over two hours, we reconnected with our own, as well as one another’s rhythms; and became aware once more of the concept of possibilities.

Always a very highly self-conscious person, I was made to abandon that mirror I hold up against myself all the time and focus on working into the core of my very being. It was challenging. I have gotten so used to keeping up with the rhythm and pace that others demand of me. And so much of the work I do and roles I play require so much treading on eggshells – to be conscious of and careful with others’ feelings; so much giving away of my self – my positivity, my love, my concern; so much keeping in line; so much rushing around, that I have forgotten how to be me.

There at the studio, however, I could not hide. I had to experience every quiver of my lip, twitch of my fingertip, pull of gravity. I had to examine fully, what my body feels to be me. I had to take a long time, and measure it; savour it.

That’s not to say the workshop was confrontational… I’d say the best word for it is intimate. And it is this rare opportunity to give ourselves permission to be intimate with our selves that makes the whole experience such a soothing and comfortable healing process.

If you have $25 bucks on you and are looking to buy an experience that makes both your soul and your body feel good, go to Syv.

If there exists a way, a route, that could lead us to a place where everything is possible… it is Butoh, and Syv will get you there.

More classes on Saturday 25 February and Thursday 1 March 2012, 7pm-9pm

Venue: The Substation Dance Studio

Admission: $25 per session, drop in. More details here.

* Note: Pictures were taken before and after class, and hence do not reflect the zen and peaceful nature of the workshop. Yes. We dug deep and found that our inner worlds were inhabited by wild things.

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