Moment of Lust: United Nude Crazy Lacy in Brown

I am a sucker for details. And I love the freakish, unique and queer.

When those qualities of mine are translated into my tastes in fashion, it means a full on fetish for buttons, hook-and-eye, zips, lacing, buckles…

If your mind is doing an internal mash up of S&M, Victorian corsets and strait jackets in your mental Google Images… you are on the right track.

Then, United Nude has to torture me with this.

Now, I’ve had my share of love affairs with crazy shoes, ugly pretty shoes, pretty ugly shoes (Oh bless you, Inner Tyra!).

But these girls straight out of a mental institution are driving me willllldddd right about now.

Just looking at the extreme lacing going up, over and around is enough to send tingles right down to my fingertippities.

The way Crazy Lacy is so unconventionally beautiful challenges the idea of what is attractive, and there is no way you can run from these shoes.

They stare you straight in the eye, demanding full attention.

If I am allowed one gripe… just a teeny tiny one, it is the unpretty zip right smacked along here. It’s just… not elegant enough, and the construction looks cheap. But they’re on the instep anyway, and I am already drawing up a game plan of how to conceal the blemish on the otherwise perfect Crazy Lacy.

These gorgeous babies are also available in blue. If you have a fat wad of some cash to spare, hit Solestruck straight away. BEST service on the planet, I promise you.

All images taken from the insanely wonderful Solestruck

What say you?

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