Dinner Tonight: Two Stuffed Pastas and One Naughty Tart

B and I couldn’t resist another trip to Huber‘s to pick up too much some meat. Just as we were about to go, B signalled to me from the front of a counter, barely able to conceal his excitement and I knew we had found dinner.

Meet Pumpkin Ravioli and Four Cheese Tortellini.

Made a Spinach Cheese sauce to go with this and it just balances the sweet, almost dessert like flavour of the pasta. In loveee. (Which is code for ‘I’m gonna attempt to make this.’)

This one, I made a spicy sausage tomato sauce to go with. We were (unfortunately) underwhelmed by the tortellini. While we were glad they weren’t super salty as we’d initially feared… there wasn’t that much flavour going on as well.

We decided to have a proper dessert while watching Se7en. (Yeah. I know. Gluttony Guy didn’t put us off. Neither did Sloth Guy.)

Remember the mess I got myself (and my dining table) into a few days back? Well, that yielded this…

This recipe from Laura Calder is something I go back to all the time. The only difference is that I make tartlets instead of a whole tart cos…. well… cos I won’t be tempted into finished the whole damn thing on my own at one go.

I usually dial down the sugar because I loveeee that acidic sting, but I’ve followed the recipe to the letter before and it’s great.

Go. Make. Eat. Now.


3 thoughts on “Dinner Tonight: Two Stuffed Pastas and One Naughty Tart

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