Dinner Tonight: Leg of Lamb

When B and I visited Adelaide a few years back, we stayed in a great B&B called Lucy’s House, which sat on the beautiful Heritage Wines Estate. Steve and Christine, the winemakers, were the most generous hosts ever. (Ever. Ever.) We’d wanted to use their BBQ to cook us some dinner and we had barely gotten the grill warm when they told us to join them for dinner.

Steve served us (continuously)  with wine he had produced. Christine, a fantastic cook, fed us better than we could have managed with their pit. The most memorable dish was the leg of lamb she’d whipped up, and since then, B has been obsessed with roasting his own leg of lamb.

But with only two people to feed, buying a bone-in leg was out of the question. Not willing to invite friends until we’ve perfected the leg, we had to settle for half a leg, which the butcher deboned for us. Just as well really, because we don’t have enough of the bone to hold on to so as to perform a Fred Flinstone-esque gnawing action.

So this was one of the meat packages we’d picked up on our last Huber’s trip.

After we’d stabbed it to death with a few rosemary sprigs, we rubbed it realll goooddd with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper and doused it with lemon juice and olive oil. Then off to hell the oven it went.

After a good hour and a half, we rested the hunk of experiment and I worked on the sauce.

I loveeee deglazing pans. I love how the black brown goodness just comes off with the teasing of my spatula and yields the most satisfying of accompaniments to the meat I’m cooking. What would have been considered ‘burnt’ and hence inedible suddenly becomes perfect, just by adding liquid.

The final result?

It was not overdone, but a fraction more rare would have been better. B wanted more salt, but I thought it was fine when we drizzled the sauce over it. I loved the sauce. (Did I mention that I made it?)

We’ll be having the leftovers with homemade raisin bread tomorrow, and looking forward to the next time we get to try it out.

The recipe we used was from Emeril Lagasse, which you can find here. We pretty much followed the recipe in its entirety, tweaking only the proportions and cooking time to suit the relatively small cut of meat we have. And we chose not to strain the sauce.

P/s: If you ever head to Barossa Valley, go to Heritage, and stay at Lucy’s. Seriously.



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