B is for Busy

Yes, I know I am on a break from work so technically I’m not allowed to say I am busy.

But I am.

My schedule looks something like this:

And I’ve actually ran out of space in my diary because I have so much to do in a day. It is now bulging from having far too many post-its being stuck onto the pages.

Just yesterday, I finally started French Class (Yayyyyyy!), which meant waking at 6.30am to take an early shuttle and fighting with all the good people in the world to get onto the train. (My teacher is great though – he caters to my need for specific and minute details… Plus he’s a cutie, so I’d say it’s all worth it.)

Right after French Class was Driving Class (I learnt to change multiple lanes without causing any accidents all thanks to S =D) , then home to prepare dinner before I headed out for a costume fitting. (Not that fitting. *rolls eyes*)

So yea, I’m living a 6.30am-to-10pm kinda busy. It’s also an extremely fulfilling and happy kinda busy – to be able to ‘do what makes my heart sing’ (à la Natalie Warne).

It’s been a while since I got to be a student again, so I’m pretty much learning all day, every day.

Today is a rest day, so apart from hanging with friends, I’ve been busy ABC-ing and 123-ing all day. (That’s Ah-Bey-Seh, Un-Deux-Trois from this day forth.)

At night, F + J took B and I out for dinner at this beautiful spot that was buzzing with life even though it was hidden in a rather inaccessible area.

Needless to say, we went home stuffed and wondering how many workouts we’ll have to pencil in before we feast again.

FYI, there’ll be all of… ZERO workouts on my end. Meeting cousins for dinner again tomorrow. o.o’ Will Power Walk my way to French and Driving Class to burn off that darn delicious cheeseeee. Yum. (And yes, it’s gonna be another 6.30am to X pm day.)

More, soon!


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