Heads. Will. Roll. (Hips Will Grow.)

The all-important Cousins’ Meet always involves a lot of food to fuel the marathon catch-up session. This time, it was no different.

We met up at the quaint Antoinette for dinner. (French. Very thoughtful indeed, LY. You are speeding up the favourite relative chart.) I loved the location simply because the restaurant is tucked away at such an unexpected spot. You tumble out of a packed MRT station which is absolutely buzzing with activity, cross into the dimly-lit roads that seem to get smaller, quieter with each step you take, then…

Voila! Sweet sanctuary.

I think this is one of those posts whereby the pictures can do the talking, so I won’t ramble on.

Word of warning. Do NOT under ANY circumstance scroll on if you are really hungry and grouchy and not about to get fed any time soon. Failure to heed advice could very possibly result in violent/irrational/socially-unacceptable behaviour. (Or maybe you’ll just swear a lot.)

The Girl With The Great Hairdo


* Note: Feb has perfecteggdestructioncausingyolkeruptionphobia.

A French joint with great risotto. Very bi-lateral. I approve.

Gnocchi. Great Sauce. Nice bite. But lacks flavour in the dough itself.

Carnage – An installation by Sher

I hope I have properly and powerfully demonstrated the might of The Cousins.

2 salads, 2 breakfasts, 2 pastas, 2 crepes, 3 desserts – already sounds like a bad Christmas Carol… And I’m pretty sure I got the numbers mixed up somewhere along the way.

And so ends one more great get-together. I’m finally about to crawl into bed. Hopefully the furious typing for the last few hours has burnt off a few calories. (Fat hope. And man… that’s almost literally true.)



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