Dinner Last Night: Fist-sized Steak

So ashamed that I had left out B’s steak in the previous post, I am now dedicating one whole post to his masterpiece.

Everyone is now well-aware of our Huber’s obsession. (Guys… are you reading? *blinkblink*)

Yesterday, we lugged back these babies:

So gorgeous I’m pretty certain I could sink my teeth right into them right there and then.

Don’t judge me.

There’s something about the huge hunks of meat + fire combination that gets all men excited, I believe, so B took to the stoves for this one.

We went with a simple salt, pepper and olive oil rub; followed by throwing in a couple of rosemary sprigs and garlic cloves.

Don’t diss the browned pan. I deglazed the pan with a dash of beef stock and whisky, followed by a knob of butter.

And I suppose with all the meat posts everyone thinks I’m a meatetarian.

Brown mushrooms and carrots stir-fried over butter and garlic

I promise you. I eat vegetables. In fact, all I ever want for lunch is a crisp, clean, fresh salad.



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