May I present… Thomas!

Hey everyone, meat meet Thomas!

Thomas is my butcher. I like Thomas. Apart from giving me pork chops the size of my face (pictures to follow), I am obsessed with the crisp, clean, clinical way he approaches his work. The way he talks about meat; which part of the animal it comes from; the texture; their cooking times, sends shivers down my spine.

What I like even more, is his charmingly deadpan sense of humour. While I was snapping away at the beautiful array of carcass/meat (depending on which side you bat for), he said very grimly, “I think my butchers will appreciate if you take pictures of them rather than of the meat.” He had a sharp knife. I obeyed. Then he let out just a sliver of a smirk. I’m charmed.

And yes, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been going to Huber’s every weekend. Perhaps there is something about men who work with blood and guts, bone and sinew while maintaining pristine white uniforms that appeals to me… whatever it is, I keep going back for more.

Our last trip yielded these monsters. Yes, there are two chops right there, but combined, they cover my face completely.

With J + F coming over for dinner, we decided to make some chops for dinner, and went with this Gordon I-love-swearing-for-the-camera-cos-some-viewers-think-it’s-good-TV Ramsey recipe. Much as I have an issue with GR’s onscreen persona (Can you tell?), the flavours of his recipes are usually really good.

Our rub: (Anti-clockwise-ish from centre) Salt, Pepper, Coriander Powder, Star Anise, Chili Powder, Dried Thyme, Paprika

My kind of inferno.

Chops, Done.

Merci beaucoup, Thomas!


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