Moment of Lust: Black Milk Ribs Swimsuit

Don’t You Wanna Feel My Bones?

I’ve always had a thing for skulls and bones in general, possibly due to my obsession with pirates. (And an episode in university Art class when my class had end up drawing skeletons manipulated into various poses weeks on end rather than LIVE NUDE MODELS due to some… p…roblem. Enjoyed it nonetheless, as you can see.)

Even then, apart from a Cheap Monday tee that features its signature smiling skull, my skull+bone fetish is usually kept to a bare minimum. Don’t want to look like an over-enthusiastic goth/emo/90s rockstar wannable now, do we?


I saw this.

I usually hype looks that appeal to my own fashion aesthetic, and also (if not especially) those that are quirky, clever and unexpected.

Olivia, apart from being super pretty, had an outfit that made me do a double take. I love how her look was so simple, yet full of contrasts. Her fierce red hair juxtaposes her sweet cherry lips beautifully, and stands out against the somewhat monochromatic palette. Even though she is in shorts and what looks like a tank (the top’s actually a swimsuit from the awesome Black Milk Clothing); the clever use of tights keep her looking classy and modest, and really helps those ‘ribs’ pop right out. And have I mentioned her alabaster skin? No? Her. Alabaster. Skin. Gah.

I’m familiar with Black Milk Clothing all thanks to Solestruck, with whom they are friends with. And I especially love founder James Lillis’ story. But beautiful as his pieces are, I’ve never found the occasion nor the confidence to wear any of them. The form-fitting beauties slip onto bodies like your second skin. Nevermind the workout sessions I’ll need to pencil in before I can fit my arm into one… where am I going to wear this to?

But. The way Olivia has styled the Black Milk Beauty up has finally (Finally!) given me more confidence to give this a shot. She looks absolutely casual cool. No nipping or tucking necessary if I pair it with my slouchy pants and dress jacket, perfect with my United Bamboo skirt, and definitely works with a pair of denim shorts and black tights – just as Olivia did. Massive WWOD (What Would Olivia Do) moment. I know. Am I gushing too much? Probably so.

Pop by Olivia’s Lookbook and hype everything that you like. And if you need more visual stimuli, go check out her site which has this cool, controlled, effortlessly-edgy kind of pretty.

So yes. Alas. One more thing to add to the Lust List. Until I get permission to put their pictures up, you may view it here. (Thank you BM!)

In the meantime, let this work of art inspire you right down to your bones…

Black Milk Ribs Swimsuit

Polyester/Elastane :: designed by James Lillis :: Made lovingly in Australia

Pictures taken from Black Milk Clothing

Get this piece for yourself (and one more for me) here.


What say you?

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