Old School Bites

I was really restless at home today. Woke up unusually late and it pretty much just set the tone for the rest of the day. I was gonna go for a soccer game but the weather didn’t look too good and B told me to stay home.

C was too busy to text, which made me really sulky.

I’d promise C I’ll clean up my room, which he was certain will make me feel better… but… yea… Not in the mood. Let’s see if I’ll get to it in a bit.

So in the afternoon, I decided to make some chocolate bread to make myself feel better.

It’d only dawned on me after a whole lot of mixing and kneading, that my bread will only be ready to eat in about 5 hours time. (2 hours for first rise, 1 hour for second rise, 45 mins for baking, at least another hour to cool down.) =( Stars are seriously against me today.

My only source of comfort were the cookies we’d gotten from N’s brewing shop.

These lil’ gems were one of the highlights of my childhood. I used to bite off the biscuit ends, leaving me with a sizable pile of icing sugar bits. I’ve always liked the pink and white ones better – even now – even though they all tasted the same.

Let’s hope the moodiness fades away soon. I’m sure the slowly but surely diminishing bag of cookies are praying for the same as well.


What say you?

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