Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live.

“It’s hard to look back on some parts of human history. Because when we heard about injustice, we cared… but we didn’t know what to do. Too often, we did nothing. But if we’re going to change that, we have to start somewhere.”

I can’t remember how as a child, I had always been interested in Sudan. Perhaps the well-meaning and well-thumbed pile of Nat Geo I was presented every now and then when relatives and friends were done with them worked its magic on me. When I watched God Grew Tired of Us last year (5 years too late), I was reminded again of how cruel the circumstances were for children born in war-torn areas. Few lucky ones ever get the chance to escape their almost absolute fate of an early death, and for those who do as shown in the film, adjustment is another issue. I feel was so moved by the film, so angry at the circumstance, and so lost as to what I could do.

Recently, the amazing work of Invisible Children was brought to my attention through an extremely inspiring TED presentation from Natalie Warne.

Natalie Warne: Being Young and Making an Impact

Her passion comes from such a pure place that it seems almost as if she is driven by her naivete at times. And that, to me, is a beautiful thing. Too many of us forget, give up, or have our ideals and dreams beat out of us as we “grow up”. It is because of Natalie and so many people who cared that I have the opportunity to see this short… an appeal by Invisible Children Founder Jason “Radical” Russell for you – for us – to spread the word, and stop at nothing until we have capture Joseph Kony – a man who has destroy the families, lives and future of too many children.

I love the kits, but I cannot bring myself to wear the bracelet, beautiful as it is, around my wrist while it bore Kony’s name on the opposite side. I’ve always been more of a hands on person and prefer offering my skills to help on top of donating money. It always feels disconnected… and I feel as if I’m paying for the problem to go away. I have however, donated a token sum to the project because I believe in children, and I believe in education. If you can’t do either, but believe in the cause, share the video, spread the word, spread their message and encourage your friends who can to chip in.

Too often we moan about how cruel this world has become. When presented with the opportunity to possibly bring change, we must seize it, no matter how minute or insignificant we may think our actions are. I love how, faced with a room full of students, Russell asks, “Who are you to end a war? I’m here to tell you, who are you not to?” In the a short paragraph that describes the Idealism of their organisation, it is written:

“There’s no room for cynicism in the work we do. That doesn’t mean we aren’t constantly questioning and evaluating our methods, but it’s all rooted in a strong idealism that we can change the world. And we’re watching that happen each and every day.”

Stop at nothing to fight for the world you want.

Stop at nothing to fight for what you believe in.

Stop at nothing.


What say you?

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