Beer-y Good! Part I

Curious people who seek the secret to my home brewery… Today’s the day!

I am almost ashamed to say that the process is really not complicated at all because a pre-mixed kit is used. It’s really just a lot of stirring and a lot of waiting during the fermentation process; and careful washing and sanitising during the bottling stage. In time to come we hope to graduate and move on to using actual ground barley, but right now we are just enjoying the various mixes and the distinct flavours that come with the use of different sugars during the bottling stage.

Now. Pictures!

This is where it all begins – HomeBrew. The owner is Mr Neo (Yeahhh… Like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix).

He patiently talked us through our maiden foray into home brewing and supported us throughout the entire process. I especially love how he encouraged us to try out various ways of tweaking our produce with different sugars, and how he is just as excited as we are as to how each batch turns out.

Hop pellets – Look like rabbit food. Smell atrocious.

And this is how the pre-mix looks like – licorice gooey goodness. 

Remember I said that there was a lot of stirring involved?

Mineral water is used because… well, we need the minerals for the beer. I suppose Singaporean tap water is too fluorinated.

More stirring.

Yeast. Possibly the only living organism I can raise to maturity.

Fitting the water lock.

When all this is done, we ferment the beer for a week before washing a whole bunch of bottles, sanitising them, putting different sugars into them to make slight adjustments to their final taste, and… we wait for another week.

Look out for stage two sometime next week!


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