l’illusionniste… *Poof*

Pardon the disappearance this week! I have been keeping myself really busy – so busy in fact, that I didn’t have time to write at all.

I am, however, immensely thankful for the little moments of magic that have come my way all of the week.

It all started with a surprise visit from Momo last weekend. She appeared like my magical fairy godmother (Erm… fairy mother just sounds weird, non?) and made her amazing braised duck for dinner. (Pictures to come!)

Even more miraculous was the fact that her arrival healed my sink.


I reiterate: Her arrival healed my sink.

See, the sink in my own bathroom was all clogged up due to reasons unknown for a good couple of weeks. Despite all efforts to get it working again – baking soda, boiling water, using some 5-metre long metal contraption and using *gulp* chemicals (Don’t. Judge.) – it stood its ground.

So Momo arrived. We caught up, gossiped, chit chat. Over all that, I mentioned the sink and asked her what she did the last time her bathroom was choked. She said she’ll take a look. We walked over to the sink. And she did exactly that.

She took a look.

She turned on the tap.


There are no words to describe how I’d felt then, so I offer you my look.


And Momo had to rub it in by saying, “Nothing wrong what.”

I could only pray that it continues to work after she leaves. So far, sink’s doing very well, but let’s not jinx it.

After that, Momo swiftly performed Miracle No.2 – The Duck.


Now I’m a super adventurous eater. But I’m extremely picky when it comes to certain dishes because Momo does them perfect. And I’m not just saying it because she’s Momo. She doesn’t read my blog. (Boo.) Neither does she need any flattery. She has very high self-esteem. But yes, Braised Duck is one of those things. I am extremely critical of the duck I eat outside because they never quite measure up.

And it really drives me nuts when she goes, “It’s very simple” and starts rattling off the steps and ingredients when I don’t even have a pencil in hand. I just wanna go into the kitchen to watch her and enjoy the free smells, to be honest. I haven’t yet mustered enough courage to make a dish she is so good at for fear of falling wayyy short.

I go to bed that night, very full, very fat, but still very pleased.

In the morning, Miracle No. 3.

Mom had cleared the mess I affectionately call ‘The Ghetto’ in my ‘study’. It really is layer after layer of collapsed books, work stuff, paperwork, books, two corporate shirts from work, rubbish, layer and layer of books, work stuff, paperwork, books and a bag of toiletries.

She didn’t throw anything away. She just made them disappear from under (and over and beside) my childhood nemesis – the piano. I could finally reclaim my beautiful parquet floor I had lost to The Ghetto for a good 3 months. (Oh geez! Three months! Wasn’t that when you had your BREAK to CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, WOMAN?)

Yes. Shame. I feel it.

So tonight, I went all out to make Momo proud.

I bundled up all the clothes in my iron pile, which came up to the height of my Poang chair, and ironed EVERYTHING. Which took me THREE HOURS.

Gratification not instantaneous, but Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

After going at it one by one by one, I finally made my pile of laundry disappear – proving that I can perform miracles and magic without Momo too.

More posts with updates and new toys and exciting things in a bit. For now, I gotta rest me tired eyes, hands and legs.

Bonne nuit!


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