Lunch Yesterday: Wok of Art

Yesterday, B and I decided to sniff out an alternative spot for lunch and we went to a quiet little area that was full of nostalgia.

I told B about how, as a child, my Popo took care of me most days. She lived in a simple but beautiful semi-detached house along Jalan Pemimpin, where it was always breezy, and I had the liberty to play in (and destroy part of) the garden. I befriended a girl staying next door – I wish I remembered her name – and we would visit each other all the time. Little rascal that I was (Don’t get me wrong, now I’m just a big rascal.), we elected not to go over using the ‘traditional method’, a.k.a. walking out the front door, taking the tediously long walk down the driveway, opening the gate, exciting the gate, closing the gate, walking next door, opening their gate, entering, closing the gate… blahhh.

So I’d climb over the spiked metal grill that separate our houses. =D I’m a terrific climber. I even did gates for the heck of it after I discovering my talent. After that, just for a spot of fun, we’d climb straight to each other’s bedrooms on the second floor by stepping out onto our own ledge, hopping over to the other party’s ledge, then climbing over the balcony wall. TADA. Tom Cruise? Mission Impossible? Big. Fat. Pffffttt.

Anyway… we found this no frills prawn noodle stall just nestled in this old estate. The owners are friendly and just come off as really motherly types. The food was just to die for. Much, much better than the over-rated and too expensive ones I’ve had before.

Served with a mountain of crunchy fried shallots and a couple of tender pork ribs, one really can’t ask for more. What intrigued me most though, is the prawn…

Behold! The prawn have been shelled in the most peculiar manner – the head and tail AND LEGS are still attached! Amazing.

Can’t wait to go back for more.


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