Moment of Lust: Lauren Moffat Maillot

I’m suffering from Swimwearitis, yes I am.

After writing about BlackMilk’s gorgeous Black Ribs Swimsuit, another has got my heart-a-fluttering, albeit from the opposite end of the spectrum.

Tada! (Urh. Yea. Not referring to the model who is way too skinny.)

How pretty is this little number? The classic maillot has been given a fresh burst of life with the attention to details. The colours are sweet, yet not overbearingly so. Most of all – check out the pleats! *Gush* I have a weakness for little things that are often overlooked, but  to me, make pieces work – buttons that are sewn on with thread of clashing palette, buttons in general, pleats, hook-and-eye, lacing… A crumbly, weak-at-the-knees, turn-to-dust kinda weakness. This piece just satisfy my obsession nicely.

Yes, I know. How often do I go swimming, right? And my answer is…

Who says swimswear should be restricted to the pool? (Though. I am a firm believe that underwear should remain U-N-D-E-R. Note to girl at Expo with black bra totally exposed under transPARENT white top.)

If you have $210 USD to spare (which I unfortunately, do not =/), you may go right over to here to get it.

All pictures courtesy of Lauren Moffat.


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