Singtel?! Try SingHELL.

Dear Singtel

I have been a Singtel Mobile customer for many years and it has now become clearer than ever that I stayed with your company for this long only because of my own error.

First of all – after so many years (10, maybe?) of patronage, I have never had any good deals or discounts on handsets, or on phone upgrade plans. When my friends who are subscribers of other phone companies get sizable discount vouchers at the end of the year along with phone bill rebates, I console myself in thinking that, ‘Hey, I don’t need to change my phone every year. I don’t need it.’

Only problem is, when I do need it – like the time my phone was stolen, and early this year when my phone got wet after sheltering a stranger stranded in the rain (not that it matters to you), I go to your counter, only to be told that I am only eligible for a upgrade if I pay a fee of $300 bucks because I have got 6 months to go on your 21-month policy. Never mind that I have had a great record – I have never downgraded. Never mind that I have never recontracted before the 21 months before. Never mind that I am the ‘loyal’ customer. I am expected to pay $300 just to get a $0 phone. What a joke. I ended up using a friend’s army standard phone that can only hold up to 20 SMSes no thanks to you, Singtel. I hope you are proud.

So. I went to Queenstown the other day and this young chap stopped me to talk to me about some internet upgrade that I didn’t need at all. I was not interested. But he was helpful and keen and polite. He told me how he could HELP me bundle my Mio TV, mobile line, and Internet together for a HIGHER PRICE. Now why would I want to pay more – my Internet’s slow; my Mio TV connection hangs all the time – especially during soccer matches that are meant to be LIVE; my phone… well, I’ve already talked about my phone. But he promised me in his earnest and patient way that with my bundle, my Internet speed will be faster, hence my Mio Tv will work better, and I can upgrade my phone every 12 instead of 21 months. All I had to do was to pay another x-dollars and transfer the Mio TV account from my family member’s name to mine. Tempted (stupidly, might I add) by the thought of watching games properly without interruption and a new, proper phone, I signed up.

The installation technicians came on the 2nd April. They were nice.

Wait… They?

Yes. They.

One came and discovered the wireless adaptor was spoilt. And that’s not the first time, by the way. The last time it happened, it rendered my internet useless.

Technician #1 was kind enough to arrange for Technician #2 to come with the adaptor because he hasn’t got any. He changed my Mio TV setup box and told me I had to return it to Hello! on my own. Ha. Ridiculous. But I am no longer surprised by your odd policies.

Technician #2 came – just as helpful and polite. But it was during his trip that we realised that my sports channels were all gone. He called the hotline and your staff found out that a new account was set up in my name when you should have TRANSFERRED the old one in my family member’s name to me.

Is that my fault? Nope. Are you supposed to correct it? Yes. What do you do anyway? Click some buttons? Flick some switches? Well. Whatever it is you are meant to be doing, you have not done. Because I was told I ‘should be able’ to have my sports channels at 7pm on 2nd April. That didn’t happen.

I checked this morning (3rd April) at 7am. Didn’t happen.

I called 1688 around 5pm today and miraculously, the call attendant who picked up my call yesterday rang me up at that exact same time. She said she had passed on my information to the relevant department and she had been monitoring the situation and they’d only just gotten back to her and I would be able to get my Mio Tv around 7 or 8pm today, 3 April. Which in my books, is already 24-hours too late.

But guess what? It is now 9.30pm, and I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY SPORTS CHANNELS.

I’m not sure what makes you think people actually bother watching any of your other channels at all. And to be honest, if you didn’t win the bid for BPL, no one would bother watching your sports channels as well. But the least you can do for the people who pay good money for your services and enable you big shots to drive big cars and live in big houses to have some decent television after slogging all day to pay for their mobile, internet and TV bills. And spare your poor customer service people some thought – most of these people who mend the lines are so professional and helpful, yet you have them fighting fire for you day after day, covering for your substandard bandwidth and phone plans, coming up with excuses to appease your increasingly frustrated customers.

Nothing will change after this. I will still hold my line with you for a couple of years because I have signed a contract that will cause me to be fined if I break it. I will still subscribe to Mio TV because I want to watch my games. I will pay my bills on time.


I will warn EVERYONE I KNOW against subscribing to any of your services as far as possible because you have failed me. You have failed your customer of too many years utterly.


What say you?

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