Lemon Murder Tart.

Fi and Jerms hosted a lovely Heng Hua feast last night which featured some of my favourite things – the insanely light and fluffy Heng Hua beehoon, Candied Yam Cubes, and Braised Tofu Skin.

Extremely satisfied, most of us retreated to their couch and beanbag and snuggled up, all ready to sleep. Yes, yes. Bunch of piggies and proud of it. All fat and blissful we were, until Jaime Oliver and my friend Marilyn conspired to kill us in the most delicious, decadent of manners.

Yes. Death by Dessert came in the form of Jamie O’s Lemon Ripple Tart. (Which of course, I have re-named Lemon Murder Tart.) Mich, Fel, Fi and I even enthusiastically volunteered our services for this suicide attempt. Now don’t get me wrong – making it was simple, and extremely enjoyable thanks to the girlfriends (Marilyn and her maids). What was potentially life threatening was Jamie O’s very generous use of butter in this tart – 2 slabs = 2 x 250g = HALF A KILOGRAM WORTH OF BUTTER. (Oh. Let’s not forget the eleven eggs and 380g of sugar.)

That said. The crust was to die for and the curd turned out just the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

But half a kilo of butter? Hmm… All of us shall be thinking twice/thrice/9287391826x the next time we order tart as our dessert. =/

Enjoy the mayhem.

M’s high class flour.

Fi’s special talent.

Recipe for Murder


The men? Oh. They’re just chillin’.

Egg flower.

Blind Baking R Us

This is where the murder comes in – another slab of butter in the curd. Mich and I decided we’d feel better if we convinced ourselves we dropped a bar of soap into the curd.

Raspberry Jam.

Not blood.

All in.

Cleaning up.

The happy assassin baker.

For a brief moment after the tart was done, someone asked, “How do you melt a block of butter into the curd and have it set? Shouldn’t it be runny in theory?”

A brave voice answered, “Because fat solidifies?”

Another one added, “Yea. In our arteries.”

Then me, “And on our arses.”

Awkward silence followed by nervous laughter.

In the end though, the head-spinning fun we had in the kitchen did its job to numb any fear we had of clogged/lumpy body bits. With promises of extra burpees and additional workouts, we tucked in…


Hadn’t quite set enough, but we refused to wait no more. So. Good. And more importantly, so fun.

For a less intimidating Lemon Tart, I suggest Laura Calder’s Lemon Tart.


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