Highlighted Feet.

I’ve been waiting for the right pair of flats to come along and sweep me off my (gigantic Hobbit) feet after my striped Zara ones gave way in the most tragic fashion – holes in the sole. (Yes, Steven Tyler speaketh the trooth.) I’m not one to follow trends and I know neon is in etc, but for me, all that matters is that these look happy and so tangy it hurts. Yum!

I know I promised to swear off shopping, but I actually NEED a pair of flats for driving. Can’t drive in my Nightwalk Lita (yet).

These blinding babies from Aldo stopped me in my tracks the moment I saw them, though I must admit that the original ones that stole my heart were the pumps. Alas, I couldn’t justify that purchase with ‘I need them for driving’. So. =/

When paired with my white lace ankle socks, they are the perfect combination of acidic and sweet.

And uh… there is a beautiful pair in neon pink as well.

Time to freeze the credit cards in a big block of ice…


6 thoughts on “Highlighted Feet.

  1. I love them with the lace socks! If you’re budget is strained at the moment and you feel the need for shoes, you could always repaint a pair of ones you have? If you have ones that are suitable for what you need of course. You can use acrylic or fabric paints.

    • Thank you for stopping by and supplying me with that crafty idea ;) Yes – loveeee em socks. They go a long way in preventing those blisters from sneaking up on me too.

  2. I actually had a dream about shoes the other night – first time I ever remember dreaming about shoes! I bought the most amazing pumps … and was going to look for more shoes … then I woke up …. sigh

    • Oh mannn… I have those dreams before – but with bags. So many bags, so beautiful… all for free and as gifts… then… my alarm clock went off. I woke up wondering where the bags were =(

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