Beer Jelly / Growing Belly

We have a bottle of flat Brewerkz beer that I found the perfect way to put to good use.

Waiiittt…? How did you/anyone in the right mind let Brewerkz beer go flat? I hear you ask.

Pretty simple, really. My exuberant friends over-ordered during a farewell dinner and for the first time in my life… I doggy-bagged beer. It’s pretty neat actually. I’m not ashamed. I’m not even much of a drinker these days.

Anyyyway. I did tried the Golden with due respect, even transferring it to a proper tinted air tight bottle. But I just never got round  to finishing it. (Anyway. Flat drinks = Eeyur) So I rolled back my sleeves after rendering it even flatter, and got to work on this recipe from the domestic diva herself… Except… I was never much of a jam person, so the amount of sugar it called for absolutely smacked my gob.

So I cheated. I cut the amount by half, which I know will shortened the shelf life, but hell, I wasn’t trying to stock pile all that for the end of the world. To make up for my disrespect, I made a second batch spiced with cardamon and cinnamon. (And come on. The ‘leftover’ I poured into an unsterilised ramekin kept perfectly fine in my fridge. Germs. I scoff at you.)

Just as I thought the beer was going to waste, I found pectin (a kinda gelling agent) in Phoon Huat.

Gonna find more ways to play with this stuff. Gummies maybe? ;)

Whisking to get rid of the lumps.

Fished out of the water.

As  you can see, I didn’t scoop out the foam from the jam before bottling because I’m not fussed.

If you like to, you can do that. If your pot is shallow (like mine was), you can probably scoop out the foam after you have transferred it to the jar.


So how does beer jelly taste? Well, as far as my version goes… It tastes like honey.

Yup. You got that right. Honey.

Even Bestie who hates beer and alcohol in general has confirmed that it tastes like honey. (Though he did still wince upon putting the spoon in his mouth. Weakling.)

As for me, I still found the jelly to be a bit on the sweeter side even with my extreme trimming. To balance that out, I’ll have the jam with butter, which is really a little piece of heaven.

Will I be making any other jam any time soon? Well, I don’t quite suppose so because a) I have two bottles in the fridge. b) Growing belly. (I blame the Lemon Murder Tart.) But as promised, I will be looking to have some pectin fun.

Additional notes about pectin (why you shouldn’t boil it, why you shouldn’t leave it cooking for too long, even sugar-free jam options, etc) can be found here.

In the meantime…

Bon appétit!


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