Floss! (Pork, not Dental.)

Before we begin, let me start by saying that yes… I do floss. It’s just that my preferred floss for consumption is not dental floss. =/ Eeps.

Some of you might never have heard of pork floss, let alone seen or tasted it. So what is it? Well, it really is kinda like cotton candy. It is this light, golden brown fluff that has just the perfect balance of softness and crunch. And really, the best way of describing the way it looks is…

Fozzie Bear.

Yes. If Fozzie ever starts developing balding spots, the perfect patch will be pork floss.

Whaddya know? Heston Blumenthal didn’t get to Cotton Candy Pork first!

As a child, I would have pork floss with almost everything – porridge, rice, sushi, sandwich, etc. (Yea, Breadtalk’s pork floss bun wasn’t thattt innovative y’know?) Though I’ve outgrown my ‘flossession’, getting pork floss from Bangkok’s Chinatown every time my friends visited the shopping capital is still such a treat. That said, it can get rather overwhelming when too many people go at once and I end up with bags of this stuff.

Fortunately, a site I’d frequently clicked on before I even dared dream of making my own bread (just for inspiration and drooling over, y’know?) –  Happy Home Baking, had a recipe for a certain Pork Floss Loaf. Crisis averted.

I followed HHB’s recipe to the letter, except that I don’t use a bread machine, and did my kneading by hand. Yes. 30 minutes of kneading while watching old-to-the-point-of-fossilisation episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Sometimes I wonder why I have Cable TV for. But that’s another story altogether.

I left out most of the pictures because they aren’t too different from my previous bread post. But here are the exciting bits…

Fozzie. Shaven over my dough. Hurhurhur.

Resting time. Breads have the best life. They get massages. They have mandatory rest periods. Damnn…

Into the tanning room!

Perfect Tan/Ten.

HHB reported her loaf to be light and airy – but mine was rather chewy to begin with. I’m not sure if I should let it rise a bit more (even though I’ve already left it so long that it rose over the tin), or to knead it for a long period of time. That said, I enjoyed the slighty dense and chewy texture of my loaf and it was still moist the next day. Yummmyy!

Once again, go click on Happy Home Baking. So many wonderful recipes written in the most sincere, unassuming tone. Plus, HHB mentions her sons every now and then when she posts, so if you are a parent, you might enjoy ‘charting’ her family’s growth as you click through her posts. Her joy and pride as a mom really shines through without being one of those intimidating moms that upload 28763817262873 pictures of how cute/wonderful/smart her kids are, and that appeals to me as a non-parent person.

Going to eat bread now.



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