Ski the Seal

This morning, SQ and I finally got to hang out for a bit. Always fun. Because

a) All I have to do to see her is take the lift. Hah. Jealous much? (Then again. I have no explanation as to why we don’t do this as often as we should/can afford to.)

b) I can to see her lil fluffball, Ski.


A seal?!


Ski is a sweetie who has the best pouf I’ve ever seen in a dog. She also gallops around a far bit – antelope tendency, perhaps? I think she looks rather like a seal when her ears go down, but I suppose I should not encourage the development of multiple personalities…

SQ and Ski

“Snow White? The fairest?! Pfffttttttt!”

Happy bunny.

Ski has a Gingerbread Girl(friend) who has now been neglected. Nonetheless, she has no problem posing for the camera.



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