Facial Hair and Falsettos.

Pardon the lack of posts this weekend. If you think I was just having a lazy and quiet weekend, I assure you, it was anything but.

F, J and Jerms came by on Saturday for dinner and to catch the FA Cup Semi-final. (And yes, if you watched that game, you’ll know my weekend was certainly exciting.)

The other thing that had all my attention all weekend was…


I don’t say this a whole lot because I think there’s a lot, A LOT more to life than gadgets, technology and staying connected (I connect with real people and have real experiences, thank you very much.)… but I really gotta say THANK YOU YOUTUBE!

To have Coachella broadcast the whole Festival ‘live‘ in HD all weekend long, plus repeats in between, is just more than any music lover can ask for. Of course I’d rather be there in person, but I’d say having some of the most talented musicians right in front of my face, so close I can almost reach out and… touch the screen they are on (=/) is pretty good.

So far, I’ve caught M83, Andrew Bird, St Vincent, Explosions in the Sky, Bon Iver, and Radiohead (Omygez!). I even woke myself up at 6am for Wild Beasts. (GAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!) And yes. I love men who can hit ’em high and hit ’em low. Boys with such huge vocal range and can hold those notes steady. Oooh. You are mine. (Note to substandard singers on American Idol. Give up. Go home.)

And no. I may not be there, but I … I can’t help it… I still took pictures printscreened. *sheepish smile* Yea. Moments when I’m a fangirl. Watcha gonna do about it?

It was during this printscreen frenzy that I realised… I have a thing for facial hair. Beards to be precise. (Fuzz do fine too.) But a well-trimmed beard is not easy to maintain or even come by to begin with. (Erm. No ZZ Top for me. Thanks.) Men who manage a sweet scruff just make my heart beat triple-time.

Take for instance,

The boys from Andrew Bird.

Why hello…

Representin’ Wild Beasts


From the wonderfully entertaining The Hives

I wanna rub that chinny chin chin.

Minimal fuzz. Maximum appeal.

Facial Hair aside… there’s that whole issue of cool hair. Hair with character without trying too hard. (K-pop boy bands = Urghbleargh. Cristiano Ronaldo = Blearghurgh.)

I have a thing for that almost staple ‘indie’ triangular mop of curls do.

The slick and neat are show-stoppin’ as well.

Closer look at the glasses? Sure.

How about modest and trim? (Love that shirt, Chris.)

Good head gear go a long way as well.

Posh Pelle.

Beautiful people aside… what about the AMAZING set designs some of the bands spotted? And no, they don’t all have to be massive and elaborate. But it has to support the music, and as a result, enhance it, giving audiences the chance to time travel, quantum leap, escape into this world music builds.

The Hives’ set was as quirky as the band itself.

Radiohead (I bow down to you. I am your slave Thom Yorke. *kowtow*) has to have the smartest set possible. I know, of course that it is as elaborate as elaborate gets, but the idea is simple – movable screens, suspended in mid-air, projecting live images and patterns. The screens tilt and shift and move with every song, creating a new set after each blackout.  Sometimes the screens are pulled right up to the top of the stage, facing the audience. Sometimes they dip so low they almost touch the band.


But my favourite has to be the somewhat worn and comfortable set of Bon Iver. The intimate setting allowed the great music and beautiful lyrics to really shine. The row of ‘ice cream lights’ just warms the heart. I told Bestie I especially love that gigantic muslin drape/flag that’s fluttering behind the band.

Thank you Coachella, for allowing my bestie and I to share the music despite being in two different spots.

Thank you for the great line-up.

See you soon!

(Who’s coming with me?!)


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