Bread I Could Sleep On.

This is a week of transition amongst many things.

French Class has ended (for now), which makes me very, very sad. Guillaume was away this last week and a substitute teacher came in, which also became somewhat disorientating.

With every end comes a beginning, fortunately. And the Dream Country rehearsals are just the boost I need.

My days have gone on for as long as 14 hours (6am to 8pm). And I have people think that I’m twiddling thumbs. Amazing.

Cooking has taken a back seat this week, but I’m determined to whip up some loaves tonight because I’ve pretty much created the perfect loaf.

Yes. I said it myself. Perfect loaf.

Loaves I would gladly lie (and die) on. I drool all over my pillows anyway. Why not bread. Ha.

I’m really too tired to go on any further now, so I’ll leave you with pictures until I catch my breath.


What say you?

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