Dream Country Day 2 & 3: Memories and Dreams and Unnecessary Slips, Freudian and Otherwise.

What a fulfilling weekend! I woke up fluffy bread, beer jelly and freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee on both mornings, did my reflections for the Dream Country rehearsals, worked out, and danced in the company of earth, water, women and bugs till evening.

We’ve only had three rehearsals thus far, but my body is already experiencing change. Abrasions, bites, bruises, cuts and stings? All good. I wear’em like a badge. (SPARTAAAAaa…) That aside, I do feel myself getting stronger every day. I push a bit harder, throw a bit further, jump a bit higher with each rehearsal… And it’s not hard with the energy of the group. (As you shall see in a minute.) There is still a lot of work to be done though – mental and physical.

While I have no problems being fully invested and focussing on the moment, I hate that sliver of a moment when doubt creeps into my mind and I over-think. And though I think I’m quite strong, I still have some way to go before I get to my ideal fitness level. (Note to self: Schedule workout tomorrow.)

Day 2


– Rescued Border Collie who wandered into our compounds to play and reunited it with his caretaker. Alas, my camera wasn’t on me. Cute lil fella ran away when I went close but as soon as I went on my knees, he ran over and leapt on me to lick me all over the face. Love affection.

– Mating Bugs. ‘Nuff said.

That aside… All these happened:

La jardinière watering the… erm… urn.

Planking finally becomes a trend within the Amish community.

At peace.

Insext. All you need is love.

The Guru. Far from the maddening crowd.

Day 3


– Elderly man on a bike was cycling by our rehearsal space when I turned to him and shouted, ‘HEYYYYYYYYY!’. Fi waved at him and went, “Nonononononono.” while in character. To his credit, he got off the bike and stood his ground. Stared at us, wondering probably, “What the heck is going on this time?” Residents in the area of Goodman Arts Centre must be used to this by now.

‘Em Amish girls hard at work.


View from within.

L’oiseau et la fille.

Le mainate.

Angelina who?!

Frolic. Note extremely high level of difficulty of pose.

Merry making.

More information on Dream Country, here.

More information on the Singapore Arts Festival 2012, here.


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