Lovin’… Linda Rodin

How gorgeous is Linda Rodin in Refinery29’s interview? (That hair! That smile! Her energy! *Gush*)

Although I’m not much of a denim collector – I do have a pair of go-to denim shorts and two pairs of jeans I trust with my life – hers is a style that I can relate to: Quirky, comfy and classy.

Plus I especially love that the ‘order in chaos’ look of the third room. It looks exactly like my study. (Okay. So mine is messier.)

Though she does work with a specific colour palette in each outfit she puts together, one of the shades is always a slight variant, allowing it to shine through.

Her choices of accessories – stockings, jewellery and I’d even include the stunning fuchsia lipstick here – keep things fun and light.

Read her interview with Refinery29 here.

All photographs courtesy of Refinery29


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