Denim Dream

Much as most of the government housing here look angular and box-y (local poet extraordinaire Alfian Sa’at akins these flats to columbariums), I love how the inhabitants make it a point to let their own personalities and stories shine through with the articles they choose to leave along the common areas, exposing snippets of themselves to the world at large.

An older estate I travelled through yesterday has just that charm.

 Sun was searing yesterday and interfering with my light.

Yes. That’s a plane flying pass.

My favourite apartment? The unit with 6 pairs of pants outside its windows featuring three pairs of jeans that complemented the colour of the block.

Denim addiction.

As I’ve mentioned before… I’m not much of a denim person. But I do appreciate how they represent so many things – loyalty, hard work, functionality, comfort, freedom. Which made me wonder about their owners – did he care more about their aesthetic or function? What was his occupation? One thing’s for sure – he loved his jeans enough to hang them with so much care – lining them up in equal-distance from one another.

Little pleasures.

Read some of Alfian’s poetry here, and here.


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