Pencils: 2B or not 2B?

Was lured to ASOS by its additional discount code, but what I found there shocked rather than surprised.

Good pencil skirts are a god-send. I have always believed that no matter if you are cut by ‘The Divine Maker” to be curvy or boyish or petite, there is a pencil skirt out there for you…

… Until I was proven wrong by this…

Now I’m not a body shape nazi. I believe in all body shapes as long as a) you are healthy, b) you are happy and c) you dress for your shape.

But this girl looks like she is bent even when she is standing straight. Plus the awkward length of the skirt just didn’t do her any favours at all. She looks disproportionate and about to topple over. Huge pity cos she’s so cute. (Sack the stylist/Photoshopper!) The skirt was probably pinned back for the photoshoot because when she walked down the runway (picture on the right bottom), it was obviously too loose – not the way pencil skirts are meant to look. A fuller, flared short skirt would have suited her much better.

How should pencils fit then?

They are meant to accentuate your curves and show off your assets. (No pun intended.)

Dress for your shape, people!

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What say you?

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