Spiderman, Spiderman. I can see your Underpants!

I love good underwear. There is just no substitute for well-made undergarments.

I don’t suppose I need to elaborate on the massive melancholy that comes with being in a pretty and expensive frock while struggling with a wedgie? Or falling down a flight of stairs in a dramatic fashion and being caught with craggy panties?

No good.

Beautiful underwear is your first line of defense, boys and girls.

The moment you put them on, they change your mood; they determine the rest of your outfit; and if your friends/the people around you are mildly-obsessive like me, they affect other’s perception of you.

Great underwear doesn’t always have to be sexy. They don’t always have to be expensive. They don’t always have to be microscopic to the point you mistake them for dental floss.

They should, however, function well for the occasion; be well-maintained and cared for; be comfortable and most importantly… CLEAN!

Check out these beautiful babies from Underwear!


How cute are they?!

If you’re feeling the pinch, R29 Reserve is offering a discount voucher that could mean a discount of up to 50% off. Offer expires 7th May!

Panty Paradise, here we come!

Final note: Underwear, no matter how beautiful or expensive… are meant to stay UNDER. Merci beaucoup.

Image 1 & 2 courtesy of Refinery29.


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