Playground Adventure

Went off the beaten track after driving class on Wednesday and discovered this little gem of a place.

I know it’s been said far too often, but really, they don’t make playgrounds like these anymore.

Mosaic-tiles all around. 3 slides. 3 tyre-swings. 2 stairs. A bridge. And… A fireman’s pole!

Yes, it’s a little run down. In fact, coming down the spiral stairs, I thought I smelled pee. O.O But it’s got all the elements I love. Real sand to break falls. Railings to jump up on. So many opportunities for climbing. Little spots to dangle from. I can absolutely see this becoming a pre-rehearsal warm up place.

Just as I walked away from the playground (very reluctantly), I noticed some work being done not far from the estate.

I just hope this little paradise will stay around for a long time to come. In the meantime, I’m just going to make the best of it and visit it as often as I can.

Alternatively, if you wish to have a knick knack that’ll remind you of these old school playgrounds, The Little Dröm store has just the right thing here, and here. I’ve already got 2 of ’em thanks to Bestie and they are staples in my wardrobe.

See you soon, Dino!


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