We are our own ideal.

First, they tell us we’re too skinny.

Then, they tell us we’re too fat.

Now, they highlight this and say that it’s ‘particularly muscly’.

Their own words ‘Toned: The Duchess’s calves looked particularly muscly as she walked across the Ascot Park ahead of the Princes polo match’

It’s all in the phrasing. Well, and the drawing of that circle really. (By them, not me.)

If she’s toned, she’s toned. No need for ‘particularly’ to pop up at all unless you were intending to highlight what you deem as a flaw/excess.

Kate’s athletic gams are to die for, in my humble opinion of course. Unless you wanna look like a flamingo.

Now this.

This. Is particularly muscly.

First image courtesy of Daily Mail.

Second image courtesy of lachstdu.com.


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