From one Dream, to another Country.

It’s been four days since the proverbial curtains closed on Dream Country, and I’ve only just found the time and emotional strength to talk about one of the most enriching, demanding, beautiful, and intimidating experiences of my life (thus far, I pray).

My body is still exhausted – aching in parts I never knew could ache, and peppered with a million bruises – tiny ones this time round. If I were to be truthful, I’m rather sad to see the little dabs of purple go. A little afraid that once they pass out of my body, the memories.. and all the hard work will begin to fade.

Four days on, apart from letting the whole experience sink in, I think the only thing I can do with gusto, without feeling that sense of loss weighing down on my heart and my shoulders, is to give thanks.

My fellow Dream/Urn Journeyers (Directors, Cast, Crew, Michele, Jeannie, Hayden, Dorothy) – When I took my first step into this project, I was plagued with so much fear. But you all have been such pillars of strength… so encouraging. To gain so many friends when I was busy sorting out my head and my heart… It just leaves me speechless. I could go on to say how much I love each and everyone of you, but that’s private and I’d much rather (and I shall!) find the time to relay that to you personally. Thank you all.

The massive crowd – For some of you, turning up for such a show by such brilliant directors was a no-brainer. For some of you, turning up for your friends and family who were part of the cast and crew was a duty that needed no further justification. For some of you, you took a chance/were seduced. Thank you all.

Momo and Babysis (with a truckload of friends) – My Momo never had the opportunity to come to any of my shows, or indeed the proudest moments of my academic life. But both of them were present on Day 1… and I’m eternally honoured to have them witness that spectacle I was a part of.

Jerms and B – For getting it, teaching me a good lesson on the powers of anticipation. To have the closest people in your life understanding something potentially so confusing is such a blessing. Love and more love.

My babies – Who found time in the midst of exams and Harry Potter Mania and exams… I am so, so, so, so, so touched. And they understood the journey – which only means the hours of literary discussions must have worked somehow! Yahoo!

Friends – Those who couldn’t come but sent me a million texts every day. I’d have needed a lot more legs for breaking if we were being literal. Those who came from far away lands, and nearby areas. Those who came even though they were rushing off. Those who came while in transit/post-labour. Those who came even when it was not convenient at all. Those who came and dragged everyone around them at work/in school/at home with them. Those who were bitten by the military-trained mosquitoes. Those who came even though they were sick/injured/flu-ing and burning.

Bestie – For leaving Marion breathless when you said, ‘It was like watching the world begin and end.’ Those simple but powerful words shall forever live in her trusted notebook, tattooed by the strokes of the very great director herself. Be proud. And know that I love you very, many, much.

Images 1 to 4 courtesy of KC Soh, who chanced upon us at the Festival Village, and whose pictures I chanced upon. Thank you for being so generous.

Image 5 taken off Life! WOOHOO.

I am exhausted. So exhausted from this labour, this joy, that I can’t even find the motivation to pack for my trip tonight. Yes. Tonight. But I shall check back in when I’m in Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I am filled with so much love and so many emotions I am about to explode.


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