I live!

So it’s been close to two months since I last posted a word.

Yes, I am very ashamed, but I assure you, I have been busy as a little bee and undoubtedly, a tad lazy as well.

I lose track of time easily… Attributing that to the fact that I work on a freelance basis do nothing these days is inaccurate, of course. I’d never been blessed with the gift of tracking minutes, hours, days and such.

So imagine my shock when I was waiting in the car for B after I’d dropped him off to pick up a few things at the supermarket, and I heard November Rain playing on the radio. It was raining. It was November. (How poetic.)

Oh wait.





Internal Panic Ensues. (While on the outside I maintained a steely calmness congruent to the stormy skies, etc..

It’s almost a year since I became part of the unemployed statistic. I have learned so much, gained so much, loved, laughed, cried so much.

I have lost track of time. And it is not a bad thing, because I’ve learnt to count time by the experiences I’ve had, the people I get to meet on slated days, the determination to have a good day this day, today.

Numerically, my days, hours, and minutes are not that different from another person’s. (Long as they are on Earth.)

But emotionally, and dare I say, spiritually… I pass time using my own measurements.

More, soon.

What say you?

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